Flavio Zabotto - Brazilian Artist Print

My friend Flavio Zabotto was born in an Italian family from the Veneto region of northern Italy.  His family immigrated to Brazil because of the coffee plantation boom. The Zabotto family left the coffee plantation and moved to Sao Paulo in the early 1950's. Growing up in such a huge industrial area was not a supportive environment for a young artist.
Young Flavio worked to help support his family and this seriously impacted his formal education.  Flavio is a self-taught artist who created his own personal style of artistic expression. His life path took him from living on a coffee plantation to working in a major textile factory in Sao Paulo.  Flavio spent 25 years mastering the art of commercial textile art and design in this major city.

Yet painting and full artistic expression continued to call his spirit, so in 1996, Flavio left his management job and moved to the island of Ilhabela, Brazil. It was in Ilhabela in 2005 that I met Flavio. My friend Barbara Knocker had helped me move into the beautiful Cocaia neighborhood. Cocaia is known for its beautiful coconut palm trees, waterfalls, and lush tropical fauna. The neighborhood is full of visual artists, painters, dancers, massage therapists, yoga instructors, musicians, and writers.

Curious about the new American neighbor but unable to speak sufficient English, Flavio persuaded Charley and Alice Hixenbaugh to introduce us. Our friendship was instant. We recognized each other as spiritual brother and sister. We are spiritual family.  We did not allow language to become a barrier to developing our life-long connection/friendship. We laughingly say, "My Portuguese is growing and his English is growing."

Flavio Zabotto's art and paintings are well-known and well-received by a growing number of galleries, collectors, decorators, and international tourists.  I encourage you to learn more about Flavio's life and art by visiting his web pages at:  www.flickr.com/photos.fzabotto.  Flavio will be offering his original art and affordable prints of his art for sale on his website. We want his art to sell, sell, and sell!

Flavio's art is about the totality of life.  His art expression is vibrant, passionate, soulful, enthusiastic, joyful, and sometimes humorous. His art literally pulls you in to experience it and to experience this amazing adventure called life to the fullest!

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