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These are daily spiritual affirmations. Chose a category that you wish to enter and click on the link.  A powerful affirmation with a beautiful piece of art will appear. This is your affirmation for the day! Take your time to absorb the words and the spiritual message that they bring.  Enjoy these simple life-affirming, healing words.  The power is in the simplicity! 

Allow yourself to let these healing words and art transform your life!

While these affirmations were inspired by the many wonderful cancer patients who came through my life's door to experience compassionate and healing touch, they are for everyone. The wish of my patients was to have one kind thought or some inspiring words to help spiritually ground them through their cancer journey. People diagnosed with Cancer, HIV/AIDs, Parkinson's, MS, ALS, and other life-altering health conditions can find strength, hope and courage with these daily affirmations.

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