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VICKIE D. TORREY, MBA, MHA, LMBT, is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist with 23 years experience in therapeutic massage. She teaches classes in hot stone, intuitive, and medical massage for cancer patients in Brazil, Costa Rica and the US.  She has served as Director of Education for the North Carolina Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), taught massage and movement for Omega Institute of Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York, and wrote for the Charlotte Post a monthly newspaper column entitled "Hands On Health," that focused on massage, bodywork and mind-body psychology.

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vickie_200In 1987 she founded Lighten Up Holistic Health Services of Charlotte, North Carolina, an international health and training agency that teaches classes for both adults and children. As an instructor for Lighten Up, she has many years of experience teaching unwed mothers and women recovering from domestic violence self-massage. She also taught them how to massage their infants and children.

Vickie's long term career as a Crisis Counselor for the City of Charlotte, N. C. presented her with on-going opportunities to counsel people with all types of social-psychological conditions, medical/health conditions and  of course financial situations.  Vickie's workday was always unexpected and often filled with drama. She quickly learned how to spiritually ground herself so that she could first take care of herself as she served her clients.  Her home interviews took her under bridges, into middle class neighborhoods, and multi-million dollar homes.  Vickie learned how to respect and appreciate different cultures, languages and socio-economic groups.

Also while working for the city, she was trained in Team Building, Time Management, Project Management, Train the Trainer, Grant Writing, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Community Organizing, and much more. She served as Co-coordinator of the City's Neighborhood Matching Grants Division and was Director of Helping A Neighborhood Develop Effective Leadership. H.A.N.D.E.L. was the city's leadership training program for neighborhoods, businesses, and interfaith organizations. Vickie created Community University in an effort to provide quality leadership training to residents of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Because of her strong leadership development and team building skills, Vickie was selected by the Charlotte City Council to lead an innovative Team called Project W.I.N. During her assignment on Project W.I.N., Vickie worked on a team that consisted of police officers, housing inspectors, and other city department representatives. She emerged as Team Leader and was awarded a Certificate of Recognition by City Council for her work in the targeted community.

Vickie entered into the world of integrative health when she earned a certificate in Therapeutic Massage from Therapeutic Massage Training Institute of Charlotte, North Carolina in 1988. Her training there included Swedish Massage, Pre- and Post-Sport Massage, Polarity Therapy, Movement Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Infant Massage, and other modalities.

Her additional training includes an Advanced Certification in Pregnancy, Post-Partum and Infant Massage, Working with Victims of Abuse, Shiatsu, Teachers Training Certification, Esalen, Hot Stone Massage, and Medical Massage for the Cancer Patient. She received her certification in Medical Massage for the Cancer Patient from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, New York.
In 2001 Vickie was chosen to be one of the founding team members of Carolinas Integrative Health (CIH), of Carolinas Healthcare System. CIH was an integrative medicine department of one of the largest regional hospitals in North Carolina and South Carolina.  Her Dream of working in a hospital had come true! Carolinas Integrative Health offered complementary and alternative therapies ranging from acupuncture to yoga. The Medical Director of the team was Dr. Russell Greenfield, MD, who was one of the first four physicians to be trained in Integrative Medicine by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Vickie's massage office was open to all types of therapeutic massage clients.  Many of her clients came for health specific reasons.  She began to see an increasing number of cancer patients until cancer massage became one of her specialties. It was a life-changing time for her!

Vickie, an Approved Provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers, presently lives in Ilhabela, Brazil where she is writing a book on cancer massage. She teaches classes in hot stone, intuitive, and medical massage for cancer patients in both Brazil and the US. She is currently a guest faculty member at Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in Samara Beach, Costa Rica where she teaches Ethics, Professional Communications, Psychology of Touch and of course Cancer Massage.

She is a Certified Toastmaster and enjoys public speaking and lecturing.  She has written for The Charlotte Post, Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise, the official journal for the American College of Sports Medicine, and Massage Magazine.

Vickie is the author of Live! Love! Heal! Abundant Life Affirmations, an interactive ebook and the recently released, Joy Bringers-Celebrate the Joy in Each Moment! published by Balboa Press/Hay House.

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