Words of Gratitude from the Author

flaviozabotto_11I would like to first thank the Supreme Being, Divine Light, Unlimited Source, Fountain of Amazing Grace, which I call God for working through me to create this book.

I thank my mother, Eunice Steele Torrey, for encouraging me to write the books she saw in me and for being my first Spiritual Teacher. I send a heartfelt, warm, loving thank you to my other Spiritual Teacher, Linda Barnett.

Thank you to my father, Thelbert Torrey, Sr., for having such visionary ideas. To my brothers, Craig, Dennis-Salim, and Thelbert Torrey, my sister Marilyn Torrey Rorie, and all my magnificent nieces and nephews, I love you on a grand scale.

Much love and eternal thanks to the Laura Alberta Steele Ballard, Vivian Steele Jones, Cora Steele, Sadie Steele Smith, and the Torrey women; Estelle Torrey McNeil, Luberta Torrey Campbell, Jetha Torrey Williams, Rosa Lee Torrey, Clara Bell Torrey, and Corine Torrey, whose loving attention and guidance inspired me to do my best at all times.

To my best friend, soul mate, spiritual sister of over 52 years, Barbara Armstrong White, I offer deep love and gratitude for you being a necessary part of my life.

My life is always exciting and astoundingly interesting with my posse of best friends, Annette Deltac, Reginald M. Edrington, Lorene Goins, Freddie Hubbard, Doris Johnson, James McNair, Kwame Motilewa, Phyllis Nadel, Michael A. Porter, Marnita Piersawl, Tammy H. Ratliff, Patricia Rogers, Steven K. Washington, and W. Troy Watson.

My Fayetteville posse Jesse White, Betty Malloy, Louise Roseborough, Dr. Patricia Robeson, Tisha Musser, Deborah Baker, Paula Williams, Noreda Hess, and Jo-Ann Borden, You Rock!

My international friendships continue to flourish. I want to thank my Brazilian friends for all of your wonderful love and support. Paula and Al Alonso, Janete and Darryl Barringer, Sueli and Cristina Chibli, Alice and Charles Hixenbaugh, Lara, Denir, Gicelia De Oliveira Marques, Inez, Edna Molinari, Diva Rodriques, Barbara Knocker and Ze Paulo de Paula e Silva, and Flavio Zabotto.  Jill and Russell Bennett and all the students and staff of Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy, thank you for your enthusiastic support and loving energy!  

To Qiana Martin, keep up your "Glamorous Soccer Life!"  Live your dreams!

To Rossyln Crandell, I love hearing you say, "You Go Girl!"  Thanks for believing in my writing.

My Carolinas Integrative Health Family of Charlotte, N.C. watched me grow, spread my wings and fly away... Thank God we are still loving each other. Thank you, Katie Lee, Cynthia Allison-Nash, Carol Strain, Wenhui Li, Phyllis Nadel, Anne Lee, Kim DeRhodes, Laurie Bremenour, Helga Armfield, Brooks Holland, Babak Makari, OD,  Marcie DeMore, and Christy Johnson. To Dr. Russell Greenfield, MD., our Integrative Medicine pioneer, and Medical Director, thank you for being an inspiration and a true friend.

To my special friends from Carolinas Integrative Health, I offer you my gratitude and thanks to you for encouraging me to write. Special thanks to Deb Smith, DeeDee Lisenby, Carol Lang, Barbara Pelham, and Nancy Fields.

My angels, Ingrid Haggerson, Susan Green, and Rhadiah Jaaber:  Thank you for watching over me and keeping me grounded in Divine Truth.

Patrice Gaines, thank you for beautifully editing these affirmations. I am so proud of your on-going and ever-growing accomplishments!

To my beautiful daughters, Diarra Sabree Torrey Porter and Serena Joy Torrey Porter, my heart fills with such love and wonder that you should be in my life. You are my courage, my hope, my constant smile. I love you and thank you with all my heart.
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