The Inspiration for

flaviozabotto_13While these affirmations were inspired by the many wonderful cancer patients who came through my life's door to experience compassionate and healing touch, they are for everyone. The wish of my patients was to have one kind thought or some inspiring words to help spiritually ground them through their cancer journey. People diagnosed with Cancer, HIV/AIDs, Parkinson's, MS, ALS, and other life-altering health conditions can find strength, hope and courage with these daily affirmations.

The affirmations took flight and soon became universal words of healing that reach out to, and hopefully touch, all who read these pages. This book brings joy not only to the patients, but to care-providers; doctors, nurses, therapists, touch professionals, and especially to the loved ones of those diagnosed with the health condition. With the help of these spiritual affirmations, loving care providers can find the inspiration to care for themselves first while they serve at their highest level.

As the affirmations grew, it became clear that this book was for everyone. Certainly it began with words spoken for perfect health, healing words. Now it embraces all of life's experiences. Simply put, this book embraces everyone.

All who read these affirmations may find comfort, support, compassion, rejuvenation, and hopefully, Joy in living abundantly.  We are all serving each other. All of us need a loving thought, a kind word, and a helping hand to enable us to joyfully navigate this journey called life.

Let these words give you love-filled enlightenment to find Joy in all you do.

May God's beautiful love light continue to shine as you...
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