Transformative Offerings

joybringers_coverbigJoy Bringers-Bright Light Recharge-A boot camp for healing from past and present trauma. This 1 Day intensive workshop helps you uncover your hidden fear, anger and other emotions that are holding you in a pattern of self-destructive and self-sabotaging behavior. Transformative Workbook included.

Do you want to leave an unhealthy relationship, move from a job to your dream, lose weight, or even learn how to treat yourself with loving care? Bright Light Recharge is here for you!

Joy Bringers-Bright Light Celebrate-A highly charged event focused on celebrating who you are! How often have wanted to celebrate and found those around you too stuck in their own stories to take time to share your joy? With loving and non-judgmental thoughts we release them to act out their own spiritual scripts, while we come together with others who are excited and ready to celebrate. Just for the Joy of it! Transformative Workbook included.

Joy Bringers-Bringing Joy to Care Providers-A 1 day boot camp for the ultimate care provider. You know who you are. Do you feel weighed down by guilt, responsibilities and duties? Is taking time for yourself a foreign idea? Are you so totally absorbed in providing care to others that you don't take the time to loving care for yourself?

This event is designed exclusively for you! Learn how to take steps to improve your life, your health, and your well-being. Make yourself a top priority before you serve others. Come experience the healing power of Art and Music Therapy, Movement, Breathwork, Compassionate Touch and more! Transformative Workbook is included.

Adventurous Wellness Retreats-In order to advance along our spiritual journey, we must first learn how to retreat. Taking time out for you is not only a gift but a necessity. We all need to take time to recharge, renew and rejuvenate our spirits. Joy Bringers retreats are custom designed for a special group of adventurous souls who are uplifted and re-energized by the beauty of nature, healthy foods, simplicity in living and joy in community. Come adventure with us! Joy Bringer Journal included.

Joy Bringers-I Am Listening-Sometimes all we need is for someone to listen to us with a non-judgmental and spiritually grounded spirit. Someone whose heart is open to your personal spiritual path. Vickie Torrey brings over 26 years of open-hearted counseling experience to her Spiritual Coaching Sessions. She is Present, Attentive, Open and Aware. It really is all about you.

Now is the time for you to reveal, honor and eliminate what has been keeping you stuck in fear and self-doubt. Or perhaps you have been on your healing journey for a while and you just need reassurance that all is well in your life. Spiritual Coaching reminds you that you have everything that you need right there inside of yourself.

Whatever your needs are... I Am Listening! These sessions are confidential and transformative. You may choose to experience coaching in a private group or in a one-on-one session with Vickie.

Joy Bringers-Engage and Enlighten-Whether Vickie Torrey, an experienced Certified Toastmaster, is in front of students, conferences, workshop participants, businesses or interfaith organizations, you can be sure that everyone is engaged, entertained and enlightened.  She encourages her audience to live their best life right Now! Her adventures in life have helped her to uncover the humor in our human experiences.  She believes that we are all here for the purpose of learning from each other. Vickie's talks and presentations are upbeat and fun!

* Finding Your Brazil

o   Redefine your life's Purpose

* Healing is a Choice

o   Inspiring Persons Experiencing Life Altering Health Conditions

* Care Providers Deserve Love Too!

o   Encouraging Care Providers to Better Self-Care

* Brownie's Story

o   Letting Go of Tragedy and Trauma

* Joy on the Loose!

o   Celebration Time

* Wait A Minute..

o   Pre-Teens and Teens Self-Love

* Mystic Travels

o   Soul Enriching Travel Stories

Vickie can custom design her presentation especially for your corporation, organization, conference or church.


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