Inspiration from the Pages of Joy Bringers

"Forgiveness begins with changing our perception of how we move through life. Self-compassion and self-love are the first antidotes to a spirit that needs the healing touch of forgiveness. We have to perceive and think ourselves as worthy of God's unconditional love. Reminding ourselves that we are The Beloved helps us to generate more love for ourselves and others."


Soul Under Construction! 

Watch out!  Miracles are happening in my life.  My soul is under construction and I am spiritually changing and growing every day.

Wait a Minute...

"We have to learn to love ourselves first before we offer our love to someone else.  It is a beautiful charge to teach our children how to express love and how to accept healthy, loving attention.  Honor the amazing spiritual lessons that our families gift us.  Touch your children with care, nurture their young spirits, listen with compassionate hearts and let them know that you cherish them."


Don't be Afraid of the Dark!

My shadow places are wonderful places of loving insight to what needs to be healed in my life.


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