joybringers_coverbigvickie_200Vickie D. Torrey, author of Joy Bringers-Celebrate the Joy in Each Moment! admits that she is a Joy Bringer and she inspires you to embrace what is true.  You are also a bringer of Joy.

Joy Bringers is a book full of inspirational stories, 52 weekly spiritual affirmations, vibrant healing art, and 56 days of healing with color affirmations.  The stories and affirmations spiritually expand and inspire beyond religious, socio-economic, cultural beliefs or even politics.

Readers have said that they can feel the love pouring out of the book. Joy Bringers is a "Happy Book". It is a book that touches your heart and calls you to your higher self. The words are heart-centered and healing focused.

Joy Bringers is perfect for you and your whole family. Older children heading full speed into adolescence, who are struggling with questions about self-love and self-worth, can find reassurance that they are embraceable and loveable. Younger children will love the colorful Healing Tree affirmations too!

Anyone who is on their healing journey will appreciate the beauty, support and comfort from the stories and affirmations that encourage well-being and abundance in living.  Those who are experiencing chronic or terminal health conditions can find a deep soul peace in these life-affirming words.

The words Power in Simplicity also can be said about Joy Bringers.

Vickie says to all of you:  "Allow yourself to be reconnected to who you really are. You are a Beautiful Spark, A Light and A Divine Expression. Shift into that thought and reclaim your Inner Joy."


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